The Melodyne know-how of the pros

Increase your knowledge of Melodyne by attending a free seminar presented by Celemony. Product Specialist Mike Rilling reveals important tips and tricks and demonstrates step by step how they are applied in practice – using the audio material of participants (if desired). Take advantage of this opportunity to extend your own knowledge of Melodyne!

Melodyne offers you a unique degree of control over your audio material: from perfect vocal tuning to sophisticated rhythmic editing and harmonic restructuring. At our seminar, you can learn how to use these possibilities in a purposeful and effective manner, so that your music will benefit even more from Melodyne.

Our Product Specialist Mike Rilling knows Melodyne inside out, having over the years provided advice and support to numerous successful producers. He knows how by optimizing the results of the detection analysis you can make virtually inaudible corrections, how even extreme intonation problems can be overcome, and how to deal with noise and interference in recorded material. By attending our seminar, you can profit from this vast wealth of experience.

Our tip: To obtain maximum advantage of these seminars, it’s better to come armed with some preliminary knowledge of the Melodyne basics. If you have never worked with Melodyne, we recommend our trial version, which offers you unrestricted use of Melodyne for 30 days: the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the program at leisure. Numerous video tutorials as well as an extensive online user manual are provided to make it easy to get started.

The Melodyne seminars, which Melodyne users and all others interested in the subject are welcome to attend, are being staged with the cooperation of the SAE Institute at the following SAE schools:



» In the first part of the seminar, Mike Rilling describes various approaches and editing procedures.

» In the second part, he takes you through these techniques with a step-by-step, practical demonstration.

» Each participant is invited to make his or her own audio material available for this part of the seminar. For this purpose, send your material accompanied by a few words of explanation in advance to Mike Rilling: